The programme “Educational Trip” organised by Corallia and the Student Association of Stanford (Hell.A.S), Berkeley (Hestia), MIT (HSA of MIΤ), Georgia Tech (Georgia Tech Hellenic Society), UC San Diego (HSAUCSD) and Princeton University (OPA) since 2010.  The programme provides each year 24 students from Greece with the opportunity to live student daily life in five of the world’s most prestigious universities and it unfolds over a whole week of a life-changing experience.

Based on the programme structure, the students get familiar with a different academic reality, attend lectures and seminars according to their academic field, visit high-tech companies and research centers in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, San Diego and New Jersey and interact with highly estimated professors, researchers and entrepreneurs.

As experienced throughout the program, the interface between universities and innovation ecosystems offers students various stimuli for their career. Our vision for the Educational Trip Program is to inspire young people to innovate and bring universities closer to industry. Hitherto, the program performance can be estimated through successful examples of cultivating positive, dynamic activities undertaken by students upon return.