As an acknowledgement of the generous contribution of the supporters to the Educational Trip Programme, the Programme offers the following benefits to its sponsors based on the level of their donation. Donation levels are defined as: Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors.

Some indicative benefits offered to supporters are:

  • Mention (per donation level) in all reports of the Educational Trip (anouncements, press releases, etc.)
  • Inclusion (per donation level) of the Supporter’s logo on the Program’s website
  • Inclusion of the Supporter’s logo (per donation level) at the Program’s Call for Participation announcement
  • Press Release with thanks to all supporters after the end of the trip
  • Opportunity to meet the participants during events
  • Mention of supporting the Educational Trip Program in material regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (after coordination with the organizers)

For more information on the sponsors benefits please contact us  at E: | T: